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The History of Pine Pleasant Baptist Church 1868-2019

Pine Pleasant Baptist Church was first organized in 1868 under the leadership of Reverend Dawkins. A brush arbor was used to hold services. The following slaves were some of the first members of our church: Fannie Jones (Born 1837), Sarah Lark (Born 1841), James Lark (Born 1842), Josephene Lark (Born 1847), Janie Griffin Williams (Born 1851), Fellie Hill (Born 1854), Lettie Jabber (Born 1858), Hannah Hill (Born 1859), Febbie Stevens (Born 1859), Mose Jones (Born 1862), Oscar Pressley (Born 1862), Jim Butler (Born 1863), Lizzie Pressley (Born 1864), and Nancy Jones (Born 1865).  As more persons confessed their faith to Christ, it became necessary to build a larger and better structure in 1872. It lasted until the early 1900s and in 1902, the Aulls brothers, along with Mr. Jim Anderson, Mr. Fryer, and Mr. Felix Hill, erected yet another structure to keep up with the growing members.

Since the beginning of Pine Pleasant, its members have endured and survived slavery, two World Wars, desegregation, Jim Crow Laws, depressions and recessions, global conflicts, and witness the births and deaths of significant persons to our history.  Our pastors have included: Reverend Boston Jones, Reverend Dan Spearman, Reverend Caleb Goodwin, Reverend J.C. Marshall, Reverend T.C. Phillips, Reverend E. Hall, Reverend B.J. Norford, Reverend T.T. Morris, Reverend Harrison, Reverend Willie Marshall, Reverend W.H. Brown, Reverend S.L. McCain, Reverend C.B. Freeman, Reverend Willie S. Harrison, Reverend Raymond Adams, Reverend Ernest Cannon, and presently, Reverend Willie K. Cannady.  Our current Deacon Ministry consists of men of utmost respect, while their wives serve as Deaconess.  Current Deacons: Deacon Silas Childs, Jr. (Chairman), Deacon John Griffin (Assistant Chairman), Deacon Jerry Singleton, Deacon Arthur Childs, Deacon Tommy Williams, Deacon James Griffin, Deacon Randolph Goode, Deacon Ezekiel Goode III and Deacon Greg Griffin.  Our Trustee Ministry consists of the following members:  Trustee George Wallace (Chairman), Trustee Anuglar Archer, Trustee Betty Ann Gladney, Trustee Michael Moore, Sr., Trustee Lorine Smith and Trustee Michael Archer.  Six Beautiful ladies have served as Mother of the Church: Mrs. Corrie Hicks, Mrs. Mary Edwards, Mrs. Alice Hill, Mrs. Mamie Minyard, Mrs. Ella B. Booker, and currently Mrs. Lenora Lark. Mr. Paul Dendy served as sexton for over 52 years. The position was then held by Deacon Arthur Childs and is currently held by Deaconess Shirley Childs. The following have served as Musician/Minister of Music: Ms. Shirley Brooks, Mrs. Alice Thomas, Mr. Glen Walker, Ms. Katy Phelps, Mrs. Lisa Norman, Mrs. Brenda Hunter, and currently Mrs. Trella Hill-Griffin.  Mr. Isaiah Williams serves as current drummer for the Music Ministry.

The music ministry has played a vital role in our worship services. In 1962, Deacon Major Pope and Mrs. Bessie Ruff reorganized the Senior Choir. Mr. John Evans and O.R. Butler were the music teachers and Deacon Ezekiel Goode II was elected leader. After Deacon Goode, Deacon Patrick Bonds served as leader and the position is currently held by Deacon John Griffin. In October 1969, the Gospel Choir was organized by Reverend Eugene Reeder and Mrs. Elizabeth Holloway, the music instructors were Ms. Shirley Brooks and Mrs. Alice Thomas. In 1970, a youth choir was organized by Mrs. Aleana Bonds and was instructed by Ms. Shirley Brooks. Later on the two choirs merged and became the Inspirational Choir. In February 2004, Deaconness Thomasina Goode organized the Magnetic Youth Choir with the assistance of Mr. Reginald King, Mrs. Sandra Childs and musician Mrs. Brenda Hunter.  Minister Benita Goode assumed the helm of Youth Leader after Deaconess Goode until 2018.  The Youth Ministry is currently under the leadership of Minister Tujuana Griffin who was ordained as Youth Pastor on July 7th of 2019.  In 1972, Mrs. Sophie Jackson, Mrs. Mattie Hicks, Mrs. Fannie R. Reeder organized senior and junior home missionaries to help the sick and poor and to spread the Gospel of the Lord beyond the walls of Pine Pleasant. Mr. Curtis Hill and others formed a men's club in 1982, to give the men of the church an opportunity to come together and study Gods word.  The Brotherhood Ministry is still strong and providing bonds between our young and older men of the church.

In the late 1980s, God saw fit to bless us with another church and a new pastor after the resignation of Pastor Raymond Adams. After a brief search for a new Shepherd, God led Rev. Ernest Cannon to Pine Pleasant to begin his pastorate in March 1987.  Within the first sixteen months of his administration, groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the new church on July 3, 1988. Mr. Bobby Owens, owner of W.N. Construction Company, built the current day edifice with a fellowship hall. On June 4, 1989, we held our last worship service in the old church. And on June 18, 1989, we marched from the old church to the new church. Our former pastor, Willie S. Harrison, preached the dedication services on October 15, 1989. Within the new church, old pews were replaced with cushioned ones, and new hymnals and Bibles were purchased along with a sound system, computer, television, VCR, and bulletin boards. Later the parking lot was paved and a new sign was placed in front of the church. As time passed, the church saw the need to replace the roof and add landscaping. A newly formed beautification ministry redecorated the vestibule, restrooms and Pastors Study.

We have since begun worshipping the Lord on all four Sundays of each month. We have also formed several new ministries within the church such as the Brotherhood, Magnetic Youth, Pastors Aide, and Women's Auxiliary. In the year of 2002, our first delegates, Mrs. Nancy (Carroll) Johnson and Mrs. Pauline Carroll, along with Pastor Cannon represented Pine Pleasant at the National Baptist Convention in St. Louis, Missouri. Since then, we have had more members to attend other state and national conventions. The Summer of 2002 the youth organized a trip to the Holy Land theme park and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Reverend Cannon believed that in order to have followers, the leader must set good examples. Therefore in the Spring of 2004, Reverend and First Lady Cannon became members of Pine Pleasant Baptist Church.

The year of 2007 was bittersweet for the church family. On July 15, 2007, we held a mortgage burning celebrating complete ownership of our edifice. Shortly thereafter in August, Reverend Cannon succumbed to his battle with cancer.  In July of 2007,  Reverend Willie K. Cannady was appointed as Interim Pastor.

On January 9, 2008, Reverend Willie K. Cannady was elected and given full rights as pastor of Pine Pleasant Baptist Church. Reverend Cannady hit the ground running. We were blessed with a church van donated by the Sunshine House to transport members and guests to worship services and Bible Study,  new Hymnals to replace the old, a Computer Ministry and computer components,  new members professing their faith,  a minister of music, a couples ministry, a steeple, new kitchen equipment, a church bus in 2018 and much more.  Under Pastor Cannady's leadership, many educational, technological and spiritual enhancements have been realized in Pine Pleasant Baptist Church. Three Ministers have been ordained under Pastor Cannady's leadership: Minister Tujuana Griffin, Minister Benita Goode and Minister Mark Abney.  Reverend Theodore Wigfall and Reverend Anna Holloway have also sought education under Pastor Cannady and serve as part of our ministerial leadership.  Pastor Cannady has tasked the church family with plans for a Life Center to serve local communities and provide activities for youth.  Current ministries of Pine Pleasant Baptist Church are as follows:   Beautification, Benevolence, Brotherhood, Couples, Deaconness, Finance, Inspirational Choir, Jesus' Helping Hands, Kitchen, Magnetic Youth/Kingdom Kids, Magnetic Voices of Praise, Media, Missionary, Next Generation, Nursery, Pastor's Aide, Senior Choir, SIII, Sign, Sunday School, Trustee and Ushers. 


Today, we are blessed as a church family with high spirited members, a children's church, a crowded Sunday School, a plentiful Bible Study group and praise and worship each Sunday.  We are very blessed to have a pastor that understands Gods word and implements it in his daily living with faith, love, courage and kindness.

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